Demo a V-Lite in Victoria

Demo the V-Lite at Dynamic Flight Park in Victoria. The V-lite single seater soaring trike is perfect for hang glider pilots as it fits into the sub 70kg category. Hang glider pilots can fly it with a simple powered endorsement which can be booked  with Dynamic flight. The V-Lite wing the F2T is based off the F2 hang glider wing and can also be used for foot lauch free flying.  To book a demo call Rohan Holkamp at Dynamic Flight Park on 03 5349 2845 or  0409 678 734 or email


Our website has undergone some changes to make it easier to navigate and also to make it portable device friendly. Check it out at

The Ultimate microlight trailer

Mark Andrews is selling his ultimate caravan for trikers. It has all of the luxuries of a live in caravan van with a ramp and garage at the rear to carry a complete X-Series or XT-Series trike. Anyone interested can email Mark or call 0499 639 711

SST to Arrow conversion

We have now completed a number of factory SST to Arrow conversions. This involves replacing the sail and some frame modifications. The time on the existing airframe must be taken into account as this will still count as hours already logged on the wing for maintenance purposes. This is a great update for SST owners and saves on buying a new wing.  We are taking orders for February conversions. email for a quote.

For Sale

We have for sale a traded 2005 X Series 582 classic with a Streak 2B wing. The engine has a fairly low 172 hours. The  price is $23,500 and includes Microair radio, Lynx headsets and Icaro Helmets. We also have some ex demo low hour XT-912’s available with a choice of wings and accessories. Call or email the factory for pricing.

Retro-Fit 190 Fun to F2 sail

We have started to send out retro kits to customers wishing to upgrade their Fun 190 to the F2. Make your 190 look like new for this summer. Anyone wishing to do this conversion should contact for pricing.

Magni Gyrocopters

Airborne has become the Australasian distributor for Magni Gyrocopters. The range includes the fully enclosed Orion M24 which has more cockpit room than an R22 helicopter due to clever side by side seating arrangments. Powered by the Rotax 914 Turbo engine, it has a top speed of  100 knots. The range also includes the M16 tandem trainer and the M14 and M22 models. Magni is a world leader in Gyro design and we are excited to represent them in this region. The Magni will compliment the Airborne range of microlights which has grown last year to include our lower cost …