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STING 175 - Recreational
Try to buy a used Sting and you will see how this glider holds value. It is popular
and highly recommended by many schools. Sting pilots will tell you that they
love the glider, and many pilots choose to stay with this class of glider. It is a
nice step up for Fun pilots and the glider can be optioned up to include a VG
system. Pilots who like to fly with a powered harness or lite trikes often use the 175 Sting. The
Sting co-ordinates perfectly in thermals and is great for tuning up your coastal
and inland flying skills.

* Exceptional sink rate and handling
* Light weight with 7075-T6 main airframe 
* Virtually maintenance free 7075-T6 Battens
* Quick and easy to assemble (flat or on the frame)
* Easy to short pack
* Fun to fly on the coast and inland
* Easy to launch and land
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Sting Sizes and Options
Sizes Available
175 XC
Standard Configuration
Faired Down Tubes
Speed Bar with grips
PX 10 Leading Edge
Enclosed Battens
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Variable Geometry 



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