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Sting 3 154 review by Andrew Luton

The New Sting 3 154 review by Stuart Coad





Design Features

Classed as our "recreational" glider the Sting 3 is for the pilot that desires good performance with exceptional climb and a glider that is still very easy to launch and land.

Flying the new Sting 3, the things that stand out about the flying characteristics are:
The very much improved glide performance.
Ease of steering with the VG on.
Great handling at low speed and maintaining manoeuvrability & controllability making it a very nimble yet stable glider to climb in thermals.

The Sting 3 has an increased range of travel on the VG system. Landing the Sting is fun, with great low speed handling authority right up to an easy flare and touch down.

The Sting 3 has a new luff curve at the heart of the design meaning that the sail has been entirely redesigned. Looking at the sail, the most recognisable difference is the undersurface layout and the increased amount of undersurface, particularly at the tips to improve the high speed glide performance.

The Sting is constructed using 7075 airframe, fitted with faired king post, downtubes and speed bar as standard. The Sting includes a VG system as standard.


Improved glide angle at inter thermal glide speeds.
Lighter roll control at low speeds.
Lighter roll control and more predictable docile stall with vg on.
Lighter pitch pressures and easy aerotow using a shoulder attached tow bridle.
Wider range of travel for the variable geometry system.
New control frame, using the same control frame as used on the C4, with streamline downtubes, interchangeable control bar options including round speedbar, airfoil aluminium and airfoil carbon control bars - all changed by pip pins.
New 7075 airframe.
New sail luff curve.
New airfoils.
New top surface.
New under surface, with increased double surface area for long XC glides.
Improved under surface control with an additional batten.
King post hang.


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Sting Sizes and Options
Sizes Available
154 and 168
Standard Configuration
Faired Down Tubes
Speed Bar with grips
PX 10 Leading Edge
Enclosed Battens
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