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Learning to fly a weight-shift microlight

On this page you will find information on obtaining a Microlight Pilot License in Australia to operate and fly an Airborne weight-shift microlight.

This download is an example of what schools are charging to get your sport flying licence.


There are several ways to earn your microlight pilot licence. One of the best ways to start, if you have not already experienced microlight flying, is a Trial Introductory Flight. To get your full license you can study full or part-time and do part of the theory/study at home, but as flying a microlight is predominantly a practical experience much of your practice will be gleaned from a qualified instructor on the field. A microlight pilot license can be obtained with as little as 20 hours practical training which will include both ground time and flight time.

Once you have completed and successfully passed your flight training course your Pilot Certificate will be issued by either HGFA (Hang Gliding Federation of Australia) or RA-Aus (Recreational Aviation Australia).

Basic requirements

To start you are required to be 15 years of age or older and be medically healthy (to the standard that is required to acquire a drivers license). You will then need to find an approved flight training instructor. You can find a list of microlight flight training instructors here.

Cost for getting a licence

Flying an aircraft is more affordable than ever and microlights make it even more affordable. The average cost of a microlight pilot licence is usually between $5,000 and $6,000, depending on whether you choose to do a full or part-time flying course. A full-time course condenses the information into a shorter period making it slightly cheaper. For part-time training you can stretch your course out to weeks if necessary.

Basic course structure

Basic course structure usually begins with flight theory on the lessons for that day, instruction on the microlight controls and then flight instruction. Depending on your progression, solo flights are usually achieved after 10 hours of dual instruction. A further 10 hours will be required before you can fly unsupervised.

Once you have qualified for your Microlight Licence there are some additional endorsements which require further training:

  • Passenger carrying endorsement
  • Radio operators endorsement
  • Cross country navigation endorsement
  • Advanced navigation endorsement
  • Instructor ranking

Choosing a flight school

There are many microlight flying schools in Australia and you will need to find one that is endorsed to teach weight shift. Our microlights are classed as weight shift control. A good place to start is the Airborne website where you will find a list of our dealers which also operate as flying schools.

You will have a choice of either a full time or part time course. Full time you can become qualified over a two week period (weather and skill permitting). If you have other commitments or want to spread the cost. You can learn to fly over a longer period one day per week for example. Booking in for a full time course is more efficient, however many pilots take their lessons over a longer period.

Some schools offer accommodation and another advantage of taking a full time course is you can then take lessons anywhere in Australia and combine your flight training with a holiday. Either way learning to fly is exciting and a lot of fun.

What aircraft to choose?

Once you have your license you can fly any of the microlight aircraft in our range. Your instructor will ensure you are ready to fly whichever aircraft you choose. If you are not sure which model is suitable you can discuss this with your instructor or the factory. You will be asked where you intend to fly from? e,g airport or a smaller grass strip. What distance you would like to travel? e.g. local flights or longer cross country. This will determine whether you need a slower wing or a faster wing or a wing in the middle that is more versatile. .

Become part of the flying community

Many school are affiliated with their local microlight club. The clubs or the schools themselves often organize meetings and flying events. The flying events can take you and fellow pilots on 1000 plus nautical mile cross country flights over several days or weeks. Some customers have picked up their aircraft from the factory and flown them home as far as 5000 NM away. Seeing the countryside from the air is far more spectacular than seeing it by road. Pilots share a special bond and the camaraderie is all part of the journey.






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