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Icaro Helmet
Part No:



Chin Shield
Part No: 105093

Imported from Icaro, Italy, this helmet is lightweight and offers good all round vision. Icaro do not use the annoying visor peak and the helmet is cut away at the back so it is not pushed forward by your flying suit collar. The chin sheild helps elliminate microphone wind noise.

Lynx Intercom Systam



Lynx intercoms are amongst finest microlight intercom systems on the market. Manfactured in the UK, Lynx systems can be integrated with their power interface which allows for radio transmission through the Microair radio. It is also possible to add music and mobile phone inputs.

Microair M760 VHF Transceiver
This is one of the worlds smallest panel mounted VHF aircraft radios. The Microair M760 has sold in over 20 countries around the world, and is still selling strongly. Packed with features for such a small unit, the Microair M760 has dual frequency with toggle, 25 programmable memories, and scan. All this fits in a 57 mm (2 1/4'') insturment hole. Have you considered the luxury of running 2 coms? Compare our prices you will be amazed by the savings!

Part no: 104470

Covers-Heavy Duty
Part No:103251

To Suit Classic


Covers-Heavy Duty
Part No:106615
to suit XT-912


The material used in our heavy duty covers has been tested on the Nullabor Plains of Australia. They are made to with stand the toughest climate and are a must for people trailering their trikes. The covers can also be used to protect your aircraft from hanger rash!.

The covers consist off: Main body and engine cover, Spats covers (except on redback and Outback), and Prop covers. They come in their own carry bag.


Covers-Heavy Duty
Part No:103253
to suit Redback/Outback



Dust Cover
Part No: 104113


The dust cover is a light weight hanger cover, keeps the dust of your precious aircraft. It is made from light weight spinaker cloth and packs up small so you can take it on overnight XC trips. Keeps the morning dew off your seat, engine and istruments.


Banner Towing

See some more examples of banners flying in Ecuador Click Here

Banner Towing in Australia, recent developements to allow banner towing behind microlights Click Here

Tow Release (release only)
Part No:


Tow Banner
Contact: Raul Guerra Advertising Banners Ecuador

or for Florida USA Red Baron Outdoor Advertising
772-233-3688 1-800-PLANE AD

Banner towing can be a good way to make your microlight work for you note: Check the legality in your country!.

Banner Dimensions
3mts x 10 mts
3mts x 20 mts
4mts x 10 mts


Trailers for towing trikes come in all different shapes and sizes. Attached is a simple single trailer drawing in PDF file format. Microlight Trailer Plans 24kb You can see a picture of the single trailer on this page above in the heavy duty cover section.

Below is a list of people that supply trailers for trikes.

For a single, tandem and custom built trailers contact New Horizons Microlight School-Ballarat Wayne and Leanne Sternberg 12 Cooinda Drive Delacombe Vic. 3356. Phone 03 5336 3259 or mobile 0417 382 428

United Kingdom
R.Jarvis (Trailer Engineering)
Tel: 0792 136 2849



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