Mandatory Service Bulletin





Microlight manuals



Hang glider manuals

  The Shark Manual download

Rev 13.5 and Rev 14.5 1Mb download

Rev German Version 13.5and 14.5 1.16Mb download

C-4 5.21Mb download

C-2 1.8Mb download

Shark 688Kb download

Sting 1.1Mb download

Fun 1.1Mb download

F2 1.3Mb download

Sting 3 1.2Mb download


Interchange Tables

  Downtube Interchange Table A4-4687 26KB download

  Basebar Interchange Table A4-4688 19KB download

  Wire Interchange Table A4-4713 16KB download

  Airframe Tubes Cross Reference Table A4-4714 23KB download

  Topless Glider Wire Interchange Table A4-6982 32KB download

  Core Wing Interchange Table A4-8371 24KB download

  Sting 3 Interchange Table A4-7749 19KB download

  Blank 23KB download



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