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Rotax Engine Service Bulletins

All X Series and XT Series aircraft. Note: we do not list Rotax bulletins on this site! Refer to: Rotax Owners Association

21 November 2003

Microlight Wing Nose Channel

Early, Edge, Wizard and Streak Wings Contact factory if not sure if applicable to your wing

13 April 2006

Issue2 - Control Frame Knuckles

Streak 3 and Cruze Wings only. serial numbers from 0 and upto and including: Streak 3: ST3-001 to ST3-092 Cruze: CZ-001 to CZ-042

4 October 2005

Cruze Wing to XT-912 Base

All XT Aircraft

4 October 2005

Streak 3 Upgrade to 450kg

XT-912 -092 serial numbers and prior

24 April 2007

XT Series Battery Protection and Mast Cam Handle Wire

XT-912, serial numbers 001 to 0169 inclusive. XT-582, serial numbers 001 to 0040 inclusive. Unless previously accomplished

17 March 2008

Sail Life Extension

Wings up to 450kg MTOW Edge,Wizard,Streak Series, Cruze, Merlin Wings

September 2009

XT Rear Axle

All XT Aircraft

27 October 2010

XT Series Battery Cover Install

XT-912, serial numbers 001 to 0244 inclusive, XT-582, serial numbers 001 to 0056 inclusive, unless previously accomplished.

30 Octoer 2010

SST Pullback Adjuster Installation and Instructions

SST wings, serial numbers 001 to 068 inclusive, unless previously accomplished.

October 2010

Mast Support Wire

X Series trike bases, all serial numbers unless previously accomplished

06 February 2011

Helmets - Microlight - Type: Icaro

Wire loops that hold the chin straps on Icaro Microlight helmets can fail.

26 May 2012

Rotax Engine Service Bulletins

Replacement of the pressure side fuel hose at fuel pump part no.893114 for ROTAX Engine Type 912 (Series). Note: All Microlights provided by Airborne with engines already fitted comply and no action is necessary

16 January 2013

XT Fork Carrier Inspection

Inspect for cracks below weld bead prior to next flight and then every 100 hrs as per Maintenance Manual

24 June 2013

Replacement of fuel pumps for ROTAX 912UL

Engine type Rotax 912 UL from S/N 4408362 up to S/N 4410000 inclusive / 6770101 up to 6770278 inclusive.
Note: Aircraft owners with affected engines are directed to their local Rotax dealer

30 September 2013

Series Fuel Tank Inspection for cracks. Prior to next flight and incorporated in pre flight

This service bulletin describes inspecting a specific area of the fuel tank. Routine inspection of the fuel tank is also specified in the Maintenance Schedule of the Maintenance Manual at 25 hours, and at every 100 hours, and checking for leaks forms part of the Aircraft Operating Instructions Complete Trike Pre-Flight Inspection.
Note Compliance:Prior to next flight and incorporated in pre flight

7 May 2014

XT912 Engine Coolant

All XT 912 series trike bases inclusive unless previously accomplished.

SB018 Issue 3
30 November 2017

Approved Base and Wing combinations - Australia

Some confusion is beginning to arise as to whether or not customers own/operate an approved combination of Airborne Windsports wing and base. This service information is issued to clarify the approval status of AirBorne Wing and Base combinations.

1 September 2015

Hinge Batten Fitting Security


It has come to Airbornes attention of cases where the hinged batten fitting may come unloaded during flight. The unloading of one or more hinged batten fittings will have a adverse effect on control of the aircraft.

28 November 2017

XT fuel tank sump draincock.

Issued for: all XT Aircraft

Airborne Windsports has received reports relating to failure of the XT fuel tank sump draincock.

17 December 2018

Control Frame Top Security


Airborne Windsports has received reports of loosening of the AN5 nut of the control frame top horizontal bolt. The bolt and nut secure the down tube top knuckles to the U Bracket. In one reported case the nut was completely removed from the bolt. Another reported that the nut was out of the nyloc.

17 December 2018

Fuel Return Line XT-912 Engines


A fuel return line has become mandatory for Airborne Windsports Edge XT-912 aircraft.

September 2020

Oil Radiator Fitment XT912


Airborne has been notified of failure of newly fitted oil radiators on older model XT-912 aircraft. New model radiators (after 2017) have been fitted to older aircraft without using Airborne hardware for fitment.