Airborne Used Microlights

A list of our latest used microlights. For details contact

Type: XT 912-285 Tundra 80HP BLACK
Year: 03/2009
Wing: Merlin M-127-Colour Blue/White
Hours: 742
Intercom/Headsets: YES
Radio/Antenna: YES
Price: $36,000

Type: XT 582 Outback
Colour: BLUE
Wing: Merlin Colour: US1 Red
Hours: 8
Intercom/Headsets: YES
Radio/Antenna: YES
Price: $POA

Type: XT 912 80HP Tourer
Colour: White
Year: 2007
Wing: Cruze: Colour White/Red
Hours: 220
Intercom/Headsets: YES
Radio/Antenna: NO
Price: $30,000

Gyros For Sale

We have 4 white Magni Gyros available for purchase:

• M24 914 VIP Orion, Flight School Demo, 850hrs, $112,000
• M24 914 Orion, Trade In, 950hrs, $97,000
• M24 914 VIP Orion, New Stock, 0hrs, $155,000
• M16 Tandem Trainer, Demo, 180hrs, $98,000
M16 Tandem Trainer, Blue/White 520hrs $77000

Please email for details.

Used Hang Gliders

Following is a list of our latest used hang gliders. For details contact

F2 160 – 024
Colour: L/E and T/E=Red
U/S 1=Black
Speedbar NO
Price: $5400.00

Shipment to China

This is the shipment we sent out the week before the Easter break. A full container load of 3 x XT 912’s now on their way to their new owners. Ferrari Red trending!

Latest production photos

Here are some of our latest microlight production photos.

Rory’s Flight to Noosa

480nm/890km XC trike flight. Trevor Mathews learns to fly with instructor Rory Duncan at ABFT then they fly Trevors new 100HP Airborne M4 from Lake Macquarie (Newcastle NSW) to Noosa in Queensland! Taking the inland route with one overnight stop it was an epic 480nm/890 km flight. Well done Trevor for completing your XC training & Rory Duncan for his expert instruction. Read the Instagram post from Rory here. There are accredited flights schools for microlight and gyroplane training close to you. Go to go product information and to find your closest flight school email

Gyrocopters for Sale

M24 915:
New $180,350 we have two on order from Magni one has sold.
M24 914 Orion VIP:
White New In stock zero hours:$149,000 (normally $155,00)
M24 914 Orion VIP:
White School Demo 500 hours WITH SERVICE DONE $128,000
M24 914 Orion:
White Used ex Rebuild 960 hours. $110,000
M16 Trainer:
100HP 25 hours $96,000

Indonesian Forestry Visit

Indonesian Forestry visit and training course @airborneaustralia All are from different areas of Indonesia, using Airborne microlights trikes to survey and protect their vast forest regions

December Shipments

Big day today at Airborne after a couple of busy months in our manufacturing facility. Thanks to our amazing team! Two truck loads going out prior to our Xmas summer break. A mix of customers including US, South America, Australia and China.

New Airborne Product Range Brochure

Airborne Product Range Brochure 2019

We’ve recently created a new product range brochure showcasing our microlight, nanolight and hang glider options. Please feel free to download here.