Christmas operating times.


We would like to wish all of our customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank you for your support throughout 2017. Airborne will be closed for the holiday period from: 22nd December 2017 – 15th January 2018

M3 Sport Powered Hang Glider / Microlight


View here.


  • Adjustable pilot footrests for the taller pilot
  • Airhawk (or similar) Aviation tires standard
  • Transponder antenna housing 
  • Optional instructor throttle  
  • Adjustable rear foot-pegs

Please note: Our factory demo M3 is for sale: it is advertised on Aviation Advertiser here.

Service Bulletins – Airborne owners should regularly check our service bulletin page.


Service Bulletins – Airborne owners should regularly check our service bulletin page. You can access the page via the flashing “Mandatory Service Bulletins “ button on our web page or click here.

There is one recently updated bulletin and one new bulletin. These relate to wing/trike base combinations and fuel drain cock inspection.

Rotax push rod service bulletin

Rohan Holtkamp breaks the Australian Hang Gliding distance record on his Airborne C4-13


The day: Friday 8th Dec 2017 launch 9:30

Launch Site: Ben More, (just over the back of Ben Nevis) Victoria. View on map, click here.

Distance: 532.4 kms (to be confirmed)
Take off 9:30 Landed 20:00
Airtime approx 10 hours 19 minutes

He landed 26kms short of his nominated goal which was Milby, NSW which is west of Parkes between Parkes and Lake  Cargelligo. View on map, click here.

The glider Rohan flew was the Airborne C4-13. He flew with only a VHF radio to get around the airspace.

Sandra his wife drove 1500 kms to make the …

Magni Gyrocopters continue to sell well in Australia

Magni Sep Shipment 034-sml


Magni Gyrocopters continue to sell well in Australia. We have a variety of new and used Magni’s either in stock or on the way from the Magni factory in Italy.

Check out the links below:

The New XT- 912 M3-S


The long anticipated XT-912 MK3 is the most recent offering of style, safety and performance from Airborne Australia. Designed and manufactured in Australia the MK3 has added to the long tested performance of the XT 912 series. Improvements across comfort, flight stability, economy and electronics, give the MK3 world leading performance.

XT3-912 / XRS What’s New

Cockpit – New Design 

  • Seat design: Seats have been redesigned for function, comfort and wear. Increased leg room and improved footrests make for a more comfortable flight.
  • Soft Sides: Redesigned to allow for full enclosure of the storage area, increased storage area and improved

Motorkite Dreaming – Now available to International customers


If you love the idea of an epic adventure, flying a trike in the amazing Australian Outback then don’t miss the opportunity to grab a copy of this awesome movie.

Here is the link:  local or international customers can order the DVD or buy the link to watch online.

Airborne also has DVD’s in stock for local customers. They are ready to mail out for $25.00 per DVD which includes postage. Email to secure your copy.

Hinge Batten Fitting Security – Service Bulletin


There is a new service bulletin on the Airborne website that relates to all Airborne wings and hinged battens.

View Service Bulletin Here

Please take time to read the bulletin and pass on to other Airborne pilots.

The bulletin is also available through our facebook page here.

Please contact (Int+61) 02 49 449 199 if you require any replacement batten ends.

Check out the latest May Flyer News!

An amazing year for Airborne


2014 has certainly been an amazing year for Airborne. Australian manufacturing has suffered a big set back over the last six years due to the poor world economy and the high Australian dollar. Many good businesses that have been around for as long as Airborne (Inc 1983) have not survived.

Airborne itself has had to undergo changes, staff levels have declined from 36 to the current level of 15. It seems that some economists don’t realise the effort it takes to get a business like Airborne from  where it was in 1983 to where it is today and especially to …