T-Lite on steroids for Philippines

Special order for the Philippines TLite on steroids. Bigger wheels and the Polini Thor 250 engine. You can view the engine specifications here. Standby for test flight photos…

M4 Sport – New M4 delivery Brett Freebody

Brett dropped in to do a conversion on his new M4 with Airborne Flight Training. He wanted the hamburger with the works and His M4 included the plus package with the MGL 8.5 inch Efis full colour panel with GPS which offers engine, flight management and navigation all in one large glass panel display. Strobe lights and a VHF radio were fitted with integrated full face Flycom pilot and passenger helmets. The wing is the new XR-S strutted high performance. The BRS Ballistic Rocket System Parachute system from his traded microlight was repacked and fitted to the new machine. 

Neil Hardiman Fly’s the M4

Neil Hardiman was in Newcastle for the Port to Port Mountain bike event and dropped into Airborne Flight Training with a couple of mates. It was a blast from the past for the Airborne crew, as it didn’t seem that long ago we built and prepared Neil’s Airborne Buzzard Arrow trike for his round Australia adventure. At the time Neil was a hang glider pilot and he didn’t take long to convert to trike flying. That was 1988! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Neil who had not flow a microlight since jumped in the front seat of …

How to keep your Airborne in good nick by Ian Rees

Ian keeps his trike hangered but at the same time takes the time to cover both the trike and wing as in the pic. Airborne also recommends that you use a spay lubricant, and apply to bolts and steel parts wiping off the excess with a rag.

XT Mk 2 Brake update kit now available.

The disk brake system was given an update for the MK3 and MK4 XT912 series aircraft, we’re pleased to announce these are now available for our disk brake fitted Edge XT582 and Edge XT912 series aircraft. The kit can be purchased in several parts which include:


Order from spares@airborne.com.au
Part No: 113322 – Brake Reservoir Kit for XT MK2 Series $65.64 inc GST

Download pdf with full details here.

Winglets for the Arrow wing

Ian Rees installed his winglets from factory supplied kit with instructions.
Alternatively Airborne can do the installation for you.
Contact spares@airborne.com.au

Ian testing the winglets on the recent Mega Fauna trip.

Magni Gyro 1200th Gyro

Magni celebrates the manufacture of their 1200th Gyrocopter.

Airborne Flight Training

Flight Training for Microlight and Gyrocopters. Conversions for fixed wing and hang glider pilots.

Drones for Agriculture

Airborne is the exclusive distributor for TXAUAV agricultural drones.
Check out the website txauav.com.au and our drone Facebook page.

Opal Classic 2019

Download Opal Classic 2019 Flyer

Since its inception in the year 2017, the Opal Classic Flight is already becoming a “must do” or the not so serious recreational pilot.

The concept is simple. A planned flight itinerary is published. That’s the entire organisation. The rest is up to you…