Magni Gyrocopters continue to sell well in Australia

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Magni Gyrocopters continue to sell well in Australia. We have a variety of new and used Magni’s either in stock or on the way from the Magni factory in Italy.

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An amazing year for Airborne


2014 has certainly been an amazing year for Airborne. Australian manufacturing has suffered a big set back over the last six years due to the poor world economy and the high Australian dollar. Many good businesses that have been around for as long as Airborne (Inc 1983) have not survived.

Airborne itself has had to undergo changes, staff levels have declined from 36 to the current level of 15. It seems that some economists don’t realise the effort it takes to get a business like Airborne from  where it was in 1983 to where it is today and especially to …



The Gyro business in Australia is growing and we are lucky to be partnered with Magni the Italian manufacturer. Magni are clearly a leader in their field of designing and manufacturing high quality gyrocopters or gyroplanes. Pictured Airborne director and CFI Russell Duncan with Englishman also my bro in law Andy Tudor.

This from Elisabetta @ Magni:

After the incredible success of the official presentation held on the 13th of September,  “Gira, gira, gira…anzi vola!”, a book published in bilingual edition Italian and English, is now available. It’s ready to fascinate readers and fans from all over the world with …

The Aussie ($) is falling = Less expensive Airborne Products

The good news is that the falling Aussie is making our products less expensive for our overseas customers. So send us an email for the latest pricing. We sell for export in US dollars, Euro’s or Australian dollars you choice. For pricing email

Want to be a dealer for your country? Go ahead and send us an email and we will get straight back to you after the Christmas break.

Christmas Holiday Shutdown



We wish you all a Merry Christmas +  Happy New Year
Airborne will close for the Christmas holidays from the 24th December to 11th January 2015

ASRA Instructors Conference


Russell Duncan and Blake Dormand flew up to Caboolture QLD for the ASRA instructors conference. Russ said it was a great event, with a lot of information exchanged and extended his thanks to Allan Wardell, Ian Morecombe and Mark Robertson for hosting the event well done guys. The photo shows some of the crew at the ASRA conference.

Orange Is The New Black


October saw the arrival of the new updated Orange M24 Orion. It came with new larger alloy wheels, new Beringer disc brakes, updated LED dash lights and new Aveo strobes. Instructor Phil Wright flew with owner Rodney Pallentine to Perth. This is the second Magni flown from Newcastle to Western Australia.

New Magni Shipments Due in 2015


The next Magni shipment will be departing the Magni factory in Italy the last week in January 2015. The shipment consists of a new M16 100Hp a M16 914 115 Hp and a M24 VIP. The shipment will arrive at the Airborne factory early March.

We have a second 40 foot container booked with Magni for a May 2015 delivery. Book a slot in this container before the end of the year and save 3.6% on the annual CPI price rise. There is also a saving of reduced freight when three units are booked in the same 40 foot container.…

Airborne Flight Training


Airborne Flight Training is up and running at Pelican Airport near Belmont. The airport is only 10 minutes south of the Airborne factory. As you can see from the photo the scenery is pretty hard to beat. Flying along the spectacular coastline of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle is something to be experienced. Visit the Flight Training web site. Contact CFI Russell Duncan for more information.