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Part 1: SST Wing Set-up


Part 2: Attaching the SST Wing to the XT912 Trike


Australia 24th Oct 2010 - Scott Hendry - Flying Around Noosa to Double Island Point - Some excellent footage of Rainbow Beach and Whale's. Music by one of the worlds hottest guitar players Tommy Emmanuel - Songs "Villa De Martin" and "Southern Summers" Download from Itunes.


Mais um aluno formado pela Personal Flight / Airborne... Brazil - Fernando goes solo


Tecnologia de 1� Mundo para nossos alunos... Isso � Personal Flight !!! From: sergiotrike
Trike Airborne XT 912 Tundra... V�o realizado na instru��o do Fernando representante da Airbone Brasil.... Venham conhecer!!!


Alinghi's /AirborneWeather Microlights - Valencia - January 2010


Alinghi Weather Microlights - Valencia - January 2010


3 Adventure - Microlight on water skis, flight over Sydney, Australia.


AirBorne XT912 - Micky Mazzola Video 1 Italy
Learn to Fly an Airborne Microlight in Italy .email


AirBorne Flight School Italy - Micky Mazzola Video 2 Italy
Learn to Fly an Airborne Microlight in Italy .email


XC Flight Australia from Atherton to Chillagoe on the Atherton Tablelands Far North Queensland Featuring Bob and Tracy Hayes and Jack and Jen Cross





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