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AirBorne microlights are packed in a steel framed crate - that also doubles quite well as a work bench. It takes approximately 2 hours to assemble the Edge X base or XT from the crate. The wing is short packed and requires the rear leading edges to be inserted into the fronts. This takes about one hour. The procedures for assembly are explained in the manual supplied with each aircraft. A thorough pre-flight inspection should be undertaken after assembly and before each flight. Rotax engine manuals are supplied and explain the run in/break-in procedure for the motor.

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Shipping and crate dimensions

We ship microlight/trike bases in steel framed crates with a cardboard cover. The wing is short packed and shipped in a strong cardboard box.

Assembly from the packing crate is a simple and explained in the manual that comes with your aircraft.

Shipping Dimensions for each of our products is listed here.

Shipping Dimensions Printer Friendly



These pictures show the wing and trike assembly area. The tubes have been batched and issued with production numbers. They have also been cut and drilled and are ready to assemble into complete airframes. Airborne produces 5 models of hang gliders, and 12 different sizes in that range. There are 2 models in trike wings.

The wings are built in batches of 10 of a particular model. Some structural components like the wing wires are required to go through batch testing before being issued with a production number.
The tube is a high grade aluminium especially drawn for Airborne. It is released with a materials properties certificate to ensure the grade and the quality.

Airbornes QA system is CASA approved.

Spare parts can be ordered through the various distributors for each country. See the dealer page to find your nearest dealer or distributor. In the USA spare parts can be ordered through either your local dealer or First Light Aviation

Microlight trailors

The pdf below displays a simple single trailer design for transporting the trike base.

Microlight Trailer Plans 24kb

For a single, tandem and custom built trailers contact New Horizons Microlight School-Ballarat Wayne and Leanne Sternberg 12 Cooinda Drive Delacombe Vic. 3356. Phone 03 5336 3259 or mobile 0417 382 428



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