The T-Lite, can be flown with the 168 or 154 Core, or the F2-T wings. It is powered by the incredibly fuel efficient 27hp Polini Thor 190 electric start engine.

The Polini engine is purpose built for light weight soaring craft. It is extremely quiet and only weighs in at 43 lbs (32.8 kg).

The idea behind these light weight soaring trikes originally was to use the power to climb to an altitude where a thermal could be found. The motor would then be shut down and the pilot could fly cross country using thermal lift or even soar around the local field. Although pilo's use these little trikes for soaring, many others are simply using them as a fun low cost single seater trike. And fun to fly they are!

Simplicity is the key with this design. The Airborne T-Lite can be pulled down in minutes and the trike base folds up to fit in the boot of a reasonable size car. The wing is carried on the roof racks and is not much heavier than a standard hang glider. It isn't just a hang glider though, the Core wing is built to handle the design loads and Airborne has performed stringent load testing to ensure the structural integrity of the design.

The new CORE and F2-T wings are designed specifically for Nanolight trikes and look impressive. The top sail of the Core is made from mylar PX cloth which makes it easy to wipe clean. The F2-T wing is designed to be used both as a nanolight wing and a foot launch hang glider. This wing has undergone extensive load testing and is rated as per the specifications. Although designed for the Airborne T-Lite soaring base the Core and the F2-T will be available to homebuilders and other manufacturers.

The T-Lite base is engineered to the usual Airborne standard. The 10 litre fuel tank is removable so the pilot can carry it for re-fueling if necessary. A neat fuel line connecter allows the user to disconnect the fuel tank in seconds with the push of a button.

The removable upholstered seat on the T-Lite is comfortable enough for those longer duration flights.

The mast on the T-Lite uses a T Bar to lock it into place. The T Bar is released to allow the mast to come forward so the wing can be attached to the base. This makes a ssembling the T-Lite easy compared to many other designs.

Flying the T-Lite or V-Lite is pure fun right from take off. Hang glider pilots will appreciate the Hang Glider like handling.The climb rate with the 27hp Polini 2-Stroke Engine is impressive. Once aloft and in suitable lift the engine can be cut. Soaring pilot's will find both the Core and F2-T wings co-ordinates nicely in thermals. The design for both these wings are taken from popular Airborne hang gliders the Sting 3-168 and the F2!

Microlight pilots will love the light handling. The simplicity in the transportabilty and the set up. The T-Lite base will fit into the back of a station wagon and some larger trucks. Packed up the trike base dimensions are: 520cm (wide) x 1240cm (long) x 680cm (high).

Microlight pilots will also be impressed with the T-Lite or V-Lites cross country ability under power. It's not as fast as our two seater range. This is slow and easy, no stress flying and who needs to be in a hurry anyway?

So whether you are a hang glider pilot looking for the thrill and challenge of thermal flying or a trike or microlight pilot looking for a low cost easy to store single seater microlight, the T-Lite or V-Lite may be just what you are looking for.


This video shows the quick assembly of the T-Lite



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27hp Polini Thor 190 electric start engine

IThe T-Lite base not only looks good it is engineered to allow for easy storage and transport without the need for a trailer. It also has a mast complete with safety wire to that hinges forward to allow for easy attachmenbt of the Core wing.

The 10 litre fuel tank can be easily removed in seconds with no messy fuel leakes to deal with. Simply push the button on the detachachable fuel line connection and pull the tank out from behind the seat.

The Upholstered seat is easily removed for the pack-up and is very comfortable even after hours of fun flying

Many pilots ask about storage. The idea of taking a T-Lite on a flying camping expedition has caught the imagination of a few of our customers. There is plenty of storage room behind the seat for a bit of camping gear so let the imagination go wild.

There is also the option to add a parachute behind the pilot on top of the seat.

The simplest way to add instruments is to use the Braunger hang gliding instument. This does altitude, airspeed and has a variometer with audio showing rate of climb and descent. Some pilots already have these so this will be an option. A hour meter is an included instrument.

The propeller is carbon fibre two blade and provides smooth and balanced thrust for the 27hp Polini 2-Stroke Engine. Note also that the wheels on the T-Lite are of a diameter that will still allow fairly rough paddock operation.

Standard features

* 27hp Polini Thor 190 electric start
* 10 Litre Fuel Tank with Quick Release Fuel Line
* Electric Start
* Stainless Steel Exhaust
* 2 Blade Carbon Fibre Propeller
* Hour Meter, HAll Air Speed Indicator
* Upholstered removable seat
* Foot Throttle Control
* Fully upholstered custom seating
* Full Mylar Top Surface CORE Wing
* Airborne Engineering
* Certified to Lite Sport or Part 103
* Can be dissasembled for transport by motor vehicle