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Airborne Hang Glider Spare Parts

Ordering Airborne Spare Parts

To order spare part for your Airborne microlight, simply follow this process.

1. Click this link this will open a new email addressed to our spares department. Type in your name, address, contact phone number and email.

2. Now locate the illustrated parts catologue (IPC) that relates to your aircraft below. Click on the IPC, note they are big files and can take some time to download. You will need Adobe Reader for reading PDF files to view the IPC's which is free to download. Download Adobe Reader

3. Locate the drawing of the part you need. You will see a number next to the part drawing. This number refers to the item number in the table on the same page. You will see the Part No on the same line of the table. Parts identified in drawings by CIRCLES are available as spare parts. If a component is identified by a box or not listed then it may not be available as individual parts.

All parts available are named and have part numbers, this is the identification system that should be used to order spares, eg: Shackle RF615 4mm, Part Number 100406, and the quantity required.

NB. Some parts may have been used on several products and therefore have other model names in the title. The most important thing in ordering spare parts is the part number.

4. In the email you have opened type the part number you require with the amount required. e.g 3 X 100850. Place each part no on a separate line, you can also add the description if you wish. Send the email to don't forget to add your name, address with postcode, phone number and email address.

5. Spares will process your email and send you a quote back to your email address. They may phone you to clarify a part wrongly numbered. Once you receive the quote you will need to confirm you would like to proceed with the order and pay the amount either by credit card or bank transfer.

Note: If you cannot find the part number, you can describe the part in your email or take a digital photo and email to us. Ordering your parts by email will save time and improve efficiency.

Parts Interchange Tables

Downtube Interchange Table A4-4687


Basebar Interchange Table A4-468

Wire Interchange Table A4-4713   16KB
Airframe Tubes Cross Reference Table A4-4714   23KB
Topless Glider Wire Interchange Table A4-6982   32KB
Core Wing Interchange Table A4-8371   24KB
Sting 3 Interchange Table A4-7749   19KB

Top 20 Parts

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