Birds in Paradise Email

This email came in from Gerry Charlibois from BIP after he added up the hours logged on his 3 Airborne XT’s for 2011:

Thank you from the Birds In Paradice Team – Kauai –

I just compiled the airtime for my insurance company for 2011, We logged 2180 hrs on my 3 SLSA airborne trikes. Doing the manufacturers required maintenance and part replacement, (base tube and mast etc)… I have found no wear or bending. In tearing down the SST wings, I have found a couple of Knuckles that had a slight elongation in the brass insert and we …

Update: Wire loop problem with Icaro helmets

Icaro have sent us some replacement loops and straps with bolts to attach them. It will require the old rivets to be drilled out. Care must be taken not to damage the fibreglass. The replacement loops can be ordered from 02 49 449 199

Just a Reminder to pre-flight your equipment as well as the aircraft. It has been brought to our attention that the wire loops that hold the chin straps on Icaro Microlight helmets can fail. The failure point has been close to where the wire attaches to the helmet. It can start with a broken strand …