Magni Gyrocopter First Shipment

 The first shipment of Magni Gyrocopters will arrive at Airborne sometime in January. The shipment includes 2 x M24 Orions and 1 x M16. There is one extra space in the container and we believe that slot will be taken shortly.  Our website has been updated to include the Magni range, which includes their open air tandem gyro’s through to the sporty looking fully enclosed M24 Orion pictured. Magni is a world leader in gyroplane design and manufactures it’s range to an extremely high standard. The Orion was the first enclosed Gyro to acheive UK certification as we were the …

2013 World Hang Gliding Championships Forbes NSW

Next year we will have 3 Airborne pilots representing the Australian team in the Hang gliding Worlds. The National ladder position of these pilots is impressive: Rohan Holkamp in 1st, Scott Barrett in 2nd and Adam Stevens in 4th. Cameron Tunbridge is in 10th place on the ladder.  So 4 gliders in the top 10 in a field dominated by Moyes gliders. Looking at past results, the 2012 Pre-Worlds at Forbes was won by Rohan Hotkamp on the Rev 13.5, Scott Barrett came in 3rd in the same comp with Adam Stevens in 4th place. The results say something …


The Airborne Gulgong Classic Hang Gliding Competition 25th November to 1st December. This is the 11th annual event held at the Gulgong Gliding strip. Click the link for more comp details. We will have our V-lite nanolight, an F2, a Sting 154 and 168 and an XT912 with the new Arrow wing out at the field for demo’s by suitably qualified pilots.

F2 In New Zealand

Bill Degen Airborne dealer and “Airborn” Hang Gliding & Paragliding Editor in New Zealand, just replaced the sail on his Fun 190 with a new F2 sail retro fit kit. This virtually turns an old Fun 190 into a new glider. Bill seems to like the result. Read the article on his web site.

Arrows in Hawaii

Just in from Gerry Charlibois in Hawaii, and we didn’t ask him to write any of this. It is slightly edited as other manufacturers were mentioned and prefer not to go down that path of comparing.
>>>>Kuddos to the AirBorne Team
We have logged 20 hrs each on our 2 new Arrow wings on our XT-912’s. I want to thank the AirBorne team for coming up with the best trike wing I have ever flown. I feel like I am flying a hang glider again. Starting with the take off in our constant 25 degree crosswind of 15mph, this wing …