The New F2-160 Hang Glider

The F2-160 is now in production. The smaller brother of the popular F2-190 the F2-160 has superb handling and the exceptional finish that we strive for at Airborne. The sail area is 160 sq ft (149 sq meter) and weighs in at only 19kg (42 pound). The recommended pilot hook in weight (includes equipment) is 50-90kg (110-198 pound).   Vist for more information.

Magni factory Australia Visit

Last week Luca and Pietro Magni made the big flight (by Airline) from Italy to Australia. They only had 5 full days here so not much time and a lot to do. The boys spent the first day showing us how rotar blade balancing was performed on the recently shipped M24 Orion’s and the M16.
Airborne’s Russell Duncan had pre planned a trip up to Noosa Heads via various airfields where people could demo the Magni’s. The next morning the three Gyro’s left our airfield. The route included fuel stops and took in Port Macquarie, Ballina, Jacobs Well, Caloundra, Noosa …

Cloud Soaring Record on an XT582

William Olive known to his mates and others as Billo has been a consistant visitor to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The attraction to this remote area at the top end of Australia has mainly been the incredible wave cloud phenomena named the “Morning Glory”. The series of roll clouds form when moisture from onshore seabreezes is evident. The rolling wave can be up to 1000 kms(620mi) long. The wave continues it’s journey inland producing lift in front of the cloud. This lift allows pilot’s of all sorts of aircraft the opportunity to “surf” the cloud for miles inland until it …

Airborne at Easter at the RA-Aus National Fly-In Temora

Airborne at Easter Natfly Temora

Airborne will be displaying at Natfly on site 3 and 4. This is one of RA-Aus’s national flying event. We will be there with the XT-912 Arrow wing a single seat V-Lite and the Magni M24 Orion and M16 Gyrocopter’s.

The dates are March 29th and 31st Sunday the easter weekend. Most stands start to pack up Sunday so try to make Friday and Saturday so as not to be dissapointed.

On the Friday one of the only two Spitfire in Australia will be flying. The Temora Aviation Museum is also well worth a visit …