Sting 168 as New For Sale

We have a Sting 168 with the Mylar sail option for sale. It was built for a customer who changed his mind and has only been flown a few times by Airborne pilots. The glider is being discounted for a quick sale. Call the factory for more details on 02 49 449 199.


Gyrocopter News

Since we took on the Magni distributorship we have brought in five unit’s two of which landed this morning at the factory. This container consists of an M24 Orion VIP version and a 914 Turbo M16 Trainer. We have another container with three aircraft due in late August with 2 x M24’s and 1 x M16. The quality of build on the Magni is excellent and all imported Gyro’s are factory checked and test flown before releasing the the customer. We expect to order two more containers which equates to 6 aircraft prior to December 5 of which are are …

The Aussie dollar is dropping

The Australian dollar has fallen against some of the major currencies. For some overseas customers particulary from the  USA  this represents a discount on our pricing of around 10 pecent. On top of this we are offereing special insentives to overseas buyers to puchase any of our range of microlights over the month of July and August. Contact you local dealer or the factory for more information.

Airborne used microlights, gyrocopters and hangliders facebook page

We have set up a facebook page specifically to list any used aircraft, including microlights, hang gliders, gyrocopters and other stock items. The page is accessibible also via a link from our web site. Our official facebook page is still up and running and new likers for that page will be in the July draw to win an Airborne flying  jacket.

Click on the link below to go straight to the used aircraft facebook page: