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Andrew Luton is getting a lot of airtime in his V-Lite. We recently posted a video on our facebook page and our Youtube channel.  Here is the link for those of you who have not seen it yet.

Andrew Luton video

You can see the fun to be had in this simple form of flying and Andrew demonstrates the versatility of the V Lite by also flying the F2T wing as a foot launched hang glider.

Sales of both the V and T Lite are picking up, there is already quite a community of nanolight pilots out there. Scheduled gatherings can be found on this members facebook page. 

Facebook Members Page

 Here is another video posted by Greg to You Tube, it  is a walk around the base. It shows some of the  Airborne style finish which we think is pretty good!    

V Lite walk around video

Fly Nano Fly video

More T Lite video


Pelican Airport (aka Belmont Airport) renamed Lake Macquarie Airport

Lake Macquarie Airport as it is now known is steadily getting busier. Customers can book a Microlight or Gyrocopter flight with Airborne Flight Training's CFI Russell Duncan. A tandem skydive can be booked with Skydive The Beach which is now  the largest skydive operation in the world and if you like the thrill of aerobatics you can take a flight in a stunt plane with Matt Hall Racing. Matt has just competed in Japan where he was back on the podium with a 2nd place. It's only a matter of time before Matt gets his first win. 

Airborne Flight Training video


Great Waves in Ecuador - Raul Guerra

Raul Guerra Airborne dealer in Ecuador air surfing with his Airborne X Series/ Wizard. Raul also uses his trike to tow enormous advertising banners. Here is a Youtube link he has posted.

Banner Towing in Ecuador video



The M24 the flagship of the Magni range has continued to sell well in Australia. The M24 compliments our range of microlights and offers a totally different type of flying experience. Flying in the comfort of a heated enclosed cockpit has it's benefits during the winter months.

For pricing and a test flight contact fly@airborne.com.au +61 (02) 49 449 199  

Airborne Facebook Page


The Aussie ($) is falling = Less expensive Airborne Products

The good news is that the falling Aussie is making our products less expensive for our overseas customers. So send us an email for the latest pricing. We sell for export in US dollars, Euro's or Australian dollars, your choice. For pricing email fly@airborne.com.au

Want to be a dealer for your country? Send us an email and we will get straight back to you.


Entry Level! The XT-582 EZY

The EZY is a modifed XT-582 Tundra. To get the cost down we are offering the EZY with less options than the standard Tundra version. We have taken away the intake and after silencer, the wheel spats and are using a simpler modified shock absorber system. The EZY still comes with the cockpit and softsides and you can add wheel spats later if you choose. The EZY comes standard with the Merlin Wing. This is a great entry level trike that you can own from new creating your own history and adventure.

Visit the Ezy web page   Airborne Ezy more information

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 Trike Mag App by Peter Counsell

Check out the latest TrikeMag App! It works great with iPad or any tablet.
If you are into flying Trikes (also known as Microlights or Weight Shift aircraft), TrikeMag is your magazine. Each issue will feature stories from across the globe. Reviews of books and equipment. Photos and videos of Trikes. Pilot profiles and anything else related to Trike flying. Quite simply, a Magazine all about Trikes!

Here is the link to the Apple App Store

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For those with Android devices:

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Used microlights, hang gliders Gyrocopters and accessories

When we have traded or have used products for sale we load them onto our Used facebook page:
Here is the link:

Airborne Used Facebook Page


Airborne facebook page


Our facebook page gives you the  latest on what is happening in Australia and around the world. We post interesting stories and photo's from our customers and latest news from the factory. You don't need to have a personal facebook profile  to view the Airborne page.

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