An amazing year for Airborne


2014 has certainly been an amazing year for Airborne. Australian manufacturing has suffered a big set back over the last six years due to the poor world economy and the high Australian dollar. Many good businesses that have been around for as long as Airborne (Inc 1983) have not survived.

Airborne itself has had to undergo changes, staff levels have declined from 36 to the current level of 15. It seems that some economists don’t realise the effort it takes to get a business like Airborne from  where it was in 1983 to where it is today and especially to …



Some breaking news from Westpac Helicopter GM Richard Jones.

Belmont Airport has been chosen as the new home for the Westpac Rescue Helicopters.
The move is part of a $1.5-billion contract awarded to the service for retrieval services right across northern New South Wales.

Here is the link:

There are some hurdles to jump through with Council before we get there but it is sounding very promising. This is a World class emergency aeromedical retrieval service and we are very happy to be able to accommodate the unit at Belmont Airport.



The Gyro business in Australia is growing and we are lucky to be partnered with Magni the Italian manufacturer. Magni are clearly a leader in their field of designing and manufacturing high quality gyrocopters or gyroplanes. Pictured Airborne director and CFI Russell Duncan with Englishman also my bro in law Andy Tudor.

This from Elisabetta @ Magni:

After the incredible success of the official presentation held on the 13th of September,  “Gira, gira, gira…anzi vola!”, a book published in bilingual edition Italian and English, is now available. It’s ready to fascinate readers and fans from all over the world with …

The V Lite and T Lite are proving to be very popular.


The V Lite and T Lite are proving to be very popular. this type of aircraft is in a real growth phase and we expect this to continue on for the foreseeable future. See some comments from some of our customers who fly the V or T lite:

Trike pilot Dick Smith will probably call to ask when his electric version will be ready. We have not started on that project yet sorry Dick. By the way if you live in Australia buy Dick Smith’s magnificent Australian grown Foods. So far Dick Smith foods have given $6million dollars to …

The Aussie ($) is falling = Less expensive Airborne Products

The good news is that the falling Aussie is making our products less expensive for our overseas customers. So send us an email for the latest pricing. We sell for export in US dollars, Euro’s or Australian dollars you choice. For pricing email

Want to be a dealer for your country? Go ahead and send us an email and we will get straight back to you after the Christmas break.

Cheap Trikes! The XT-582 EZY

IMG_5265_XT-582_tundra-2-600x347The EZY is a modifed XT-582 Tundra. To get the cost down we are offering the EZY with less options than the Tundra version. We have taken away the intake and after silencer, the Wheel spats and are using a simpler modified shock absorber system. The EZY still comes with the cockpit and softsides and you can add wheel spats later if you choose. The EZY comes standard with the Merlin Wing. This is a great entry level trike that you can own from new creating your own history and adventure.

I love this app – Trike Mag App by Peter Counsell

screen568x568Check out the latest TrikeMag App! It works great with iPad or any tablet.
If you are into flying Trikes (also known as Microlights or Weight Shift aircraft), TrikeMag is your magazine. Each issue will feature stories from across the globe. Reviews of books and equipment. Photos and videos of Trikes. Pilot profiles and anything else related to Trike flying. Quite simply, a Magazine all about Trikes!

Here is the link to the iTunes store:

For those with Android devices:

Used microlights, hang gliders Gyrocopters and accessories

When we have traded or have used products for sale we load them onto our Used facebook page. Here is the link:

Christmas Holiday Shutdown



We wish you all a Merry Christmas +  Happy New Year
Airborne will close for the Christmas holidays from the 24th December to 11th January 2015

ASRA Instructors Conference


Russell Duncan and Blake Dormand flew up to Caboolture QLD for the ASRA instructors conference. Russ said it was a great event, with a lot of information exchanged and extended his thanks to Allan Wardell, Ian Morecombe and Mark Robertson for hosting the event well done guys. The photo shows some of the crew at the ASRA conference.