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The C2 is the result of ongoing development of the original Climax. The C2 has shown to have better handling and improved glide. A new nose cone, extra mylar wrap around and improved VG system with increased travel have helped contribute to the increase in glide performance of the C2. Handling improvements are contributed to the refinement of the cross bar centre junction bushing, rear floating wire system and a variation to the hang loop rocker system. The C2 14 has longer down tubes, which also help to lighten roll pressures. A streamlined pull back system with integrated cover and the vertical orientation of the AirBorne logo setsoff the overall look of the glider. off nicely. The C2 made it's debut at the first competitive Australian comp of the season, the Canungra Classic.

VG Cam System. This system is an efficient and simple way to change the geometry of the airframe in flight. The Cam System has advantages over other conventional VG systems. The Cam levers extend the cross bars, thus changing the nose angle of the glider, which in turn tightens the sail to give an increased glide angle. This system allows the bottom rigging to remain tight in the loose VG setting, giving the pilot a much more solid feeling when ground handling for take-off. Because the cross bars do not change position, as with conventional VG systems, the static balance of the glider remains constant as does the anhedral.

C2 and C2 Lite Centre Section: The centre section on the C2 is an engineering work of art. Totally manufactured in house on our CNC miller the cross bar wedge is made from solid 7075 alumininium. The cross bar ends are milled in house from solid 6061-T6 and are bonded into our carbon fibre cross bars. Stainless steel pins are used to connect the cross bar ends to the wedge plates. The CNC allows us to work to + or - 0.1 of a millimetre tolerances.

Nose Wire Quick Clip: Another part manufactured in house on our CNC miller the nose quick clip allows for quick and easy attachement of nose wires. Makes attaching the nose wires easy in windy conditions.

Pullback Quick Clip: The crossbar pullback on the C2 and C2 Lite is easy with the 2:1 reduction. The pullback easily locates into the quickclip. The keel, and front and rear leading edges are made from 7075 aluminium.

Sail work on the C2 and C2 Lite is of the highest quality. To get optimum performance from the C2 we finish off the wire holes and the top control frame holes with neoprene.

* Internal Stability Compensation gives unsurpassed stability throughout the VG range.
* Cam Vg System allows constant anhedral with increased travel. The large range allows loose and extremely tight settings with low operating loads.
* Exceptional Sail constructed of PX 20 leading edge. The main sail is made from "Matrix" Polyester laminate with a 13-degree warp oriented X-Ply Polyester yarn. A light weigh Taffeta is laminated to the cloth for extra durability. 
* Light Weight with 7075 main airframe and tubular carbon cross bars.
* Enclosed Spring Battens All battens are constructed from virtually maintenance free 7075-T6 tubing.
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Optional Features

* Folding Speed Bar available on standard control frame only.

Streamline Control Frame Option. You can option up your C2 or C2 Lite with this complete frame. The downtubes are a narrower profile than the standard frame and the CNC milled corners have been designed with a low drag profile. The aluminium speedbar is also faired along its entire length for low drag.

Microdrag Control Frame Option: This is the optimum control frame available for serious competition pilots. The downtube profile is narrower and wider then the standard frame, the milled corners connect to a neat airfoiled carbon fibre speed bar. The speedbar has been shaped narrower and rounded at the hand grips for pilot comfort. Another advantage of carbon on the speedbar is that it does not get as cold as aluminium at high altitudes.



Quick pins are used to release both ends of the speedbar.



Even the VG jam cleat on the Microdrag frame is faired in.

Note: Carbon Leading Edge Inserts are also and Option for the C2!

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