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XT-582 Tundra

An affordable XT option

The XT-582 Tundra retains the engineered features of the top of the range XT-912 Tundra but at a more affordable cost. The difference is in the engine. The XT-582 Tundra is complete with the Rotax 582 65HP dual ignition dual carburettor (DCDI) two stoke engine.

The 582 Tundra coupled with the Cruze wing is a dream to fly and give you a broad range of landing options. The Cruze wing has a faired aerodynamic control frame with trimmer control. The trimmer can be set to allow the aircraft to fly at set speeds within an 8 knot range. This feature is standard on all Streak-3 and Cruze wings.

The Rotax 582 engine delivers plenty of power for a healthy climb rate and a hands off cruise speed of around 52 knots with the Cruze wing. With it’s comfortable and roomy XT seating and 70 litre fuel tank the XT-582 Tundra makes for a great cross country microlight.

State of the art digital instrumentation is standard with the Skydat GX2. It features full engine and flight management with fuel flow and accumulated fuel usage in an easy to read glass panel.


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There are two undersurface panels on the Streak and Cruze wings and these can be coloured, use our colour picker to make up your own combination. The battens are enclosed within the trailing edge making the wing look super clean and low drag. The batten ends are designed so they are extremely easy to load and can be individually tensioned to make wing tuning a breeze. Setting up a Streak 3 is a one person operation as with all Airborne wings. Attaching the wing to the trike base is also a simple one person operation, the wing is lifted with the aid of a gas strut on the trike base.

The Streak 3 and Cruze look the part with low drag faired control frame, kingpost and CNC milled control bar corners. The trimmer control allows for easy operation and adjusts the trim speed by 10 knots.With state of the art design and many years of flexwing design influence we believe you will find Airborne wings have the best all round handling and performance on the market today. But don't take our word for it test fly and compare yourself.

The park brake is standard on the XT. We have also added a neoprene cover over the wheel hole in the fairing. This stops cold air flowing into the cockpit and help reduce drag.

Lifting the Streak 3 onto the XT base is simple and a one person operation. The mast is lowered, the wing connected and a gas strut helps you lift the wing. You can even use a strut to keep the wing in the half down position to allow for access into low hangers.

The seat frame has been widened but we have kept to our standard style of seat which has proved to be one of the more comfortable trike seats available. The cockpit has a tall windscreen for improved wind deflection and the cockpit is cut away at the sides to allow for easier pilot access. Seat fabric is a high grade outdoor marine fabric.

Instrument layout and angle allows the pilot to easily monitor engine and flight management. GX2 instrumentation is standard on the XT. Checkout the specs on this superb instrument below.

The dash and centre console allows for aditional instrumentation such as GPS and radio intercom. An option to consider is the factory fitted Microair VHF radio and Lynx interface with duelheadsets and Icaro helmets.

We use the Rotax 582 DI DC on our XTC-582. Over the years Rotax motors have proven themselves to be a reliable engine option for ultralights, to this day Rotax is the engine of choice for most manufacturers.

The SKYDAT GX2 is an avionics instrument of the newest generation.
It combines an entire range of flight and engine management instrumentation. The ASI operates with an automatic changeover of scales (low and high). A visual common and individual alarm is provided to attract the attention of the pilot if an important engine parameter is exceeded.

For more info on Skydat GX2 visit:

Standard features

* Rotax 582 DCDI two stroke UL engine
* Cruze Wing
* Electric Start
* Ceramic coated Exhaust
* Bolly 3 Blade Propeller
* Skydat GX2 digital instrumentation
* Cockpit, Wheel Pants, Centre Console and Soft Sides
* Steering Dampner
* Dual Steering
* Fully upholstered custom seating
* 70 Litre Fuel Tank (19 gallon)
* Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
* Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: Check the comparison chart and the accessories list to see what other options are available for the XT.


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