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XT-582 Outback

Takes you where you want to go

If you are looking for a rugged microlight that can handle extra rough or sandy terrain then take a look at the XT-582 Outback. The instrument binnacle makes for easy access for the pilot. Perfect for aero towing where the pilot is in and out of the aircraft between tows the XT-582 Outback is a workhorse suitable for stock mustering, inspecting fences and waterholes.

The XT-582 Outback is available with 2 wings (slow to fast) the Merlin and the Cruze. The Merlin is a slow single surface wing perfect for aero towing - slow enough to handle tandem hang gliders and fast enough for performance hang gliders and ultralight sailplanes. The Merlin is also perfect for float flying enabling the pilot to leave the water faster.

The Cruze wing turns the XT-582 Outback into a cross country aircraft making it a perfect Outback tourer with a broader landing options.
Powered by the Rotax 582-DCDI 65HP engine and with optional dual rear disc brakes the XT-582 Outback has more than enough power for normal and towing flight with exceptional stopping power.

State of the art digital instrumentation is standard with the Skydat GX2. It features full engine and flight management with fuel flow and accumulated fuel usage in an easy to read glass panel.

Standard features
  • 70 liter long rang fuel tank.
  • Superb rear suspension adding to the extra suspension already gained from the big tyres.
  • Larger and more comfortable seat.
  • Larger instrument binnacle with room for extra instrumentation plus windscreen.
  • The GX2 glass panel instrument with it's excellent features including fuel usage and flow meter.
  • Fitted vinyl aerodynamic soft sides with storage.
  • Under seat storage bags.
  • Optional Duratuff Bolly 3 blade propeller.
  • Cruze wing with 3 panel undersurface.
  • XT engineered airframe.
  • Tundra undercarriage standard.

    The Outback is Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved and tested to 6g positive and 3g negative under strict government control. This model is also approved in Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Israel, The USA, South Africa, China and many other countries.

Rotax 582DC, 65 HP engine with E type gearbox (electric start). The Blue Head 582 liquid cooled engine has proven itself over the years as a reliable and efficient ultralight engine. Comes standard with electric start and oil injection, making refueling easier and cleaner. The dual radiator system is positioned to allow for optimal airflow, keeping the engine at the right temperature even when used for towing hang gliders or banners. The engine installation is second to none and allows easy access for maintenance.

Large wheel with tundra tyres allowing for rough terrain or beach landings (where permitted) within reason! Rear pneumatic suspension. Robust base frame with treated metals.

The XT Outback is delivered in bright anodized tubes with powder coated steel parts. The drum brake is on the front wheel. Front suspension is via a low maintenance and easily replaceable suspension rubbers on the front fork. A park brake is operated via the front wheel brake.

The latest technology in microlight instrumentation is included in the digital GX2 glass panel instrument. The GX2 is a full engine and flight management instrument with emergency button that flashes red if any of the parameters that are factory preset are exceeded. There is also room to mount a panel mount radio such as the Microair radio which can be factory installed. Add the brilliant Lynx pilot passenger intercom system with king post mounted Black Widow aerial and push to talk button and you are ready to fly and talk to other aircraft or the tower!

Fully upholstered custom tweed seating is standard on your XT Outback. Seating as with all of our models is comfortable for both pilot and passenger. We have made the XT seat a little bigger for more comfort. Back support for the pilot is essential and ours is perfect for those long flights, and works equally as well whether or not a passenger is flying with you. Inertia reel shoulder harnesses are included for the pilot and passenger.

» Rotax 582 DCDI 65 HP Engine
» E Type Gearbox - Electric Start
» Front wheel drum brake with park brake
» Ceramic Coated Exhaust
» Steering Dampner
» Dual Steering
» Potential Range of over 400 NM
» Payload of over 200kg
» Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
» Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: See the Comparison chart for included options for each model.

Optional extras

» Tow System (for towing hang gliders or banners).
» BRS (ballistic recovery system/parachute).
» Bolly Duratuf propeller.
» Training bars.
» Factory installed Microair radio and dual Lynx intercom system.

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