Neil Hardiman Fly’s the M4

Neil Hardiman was in Newcastle for the Port to Port Mountain bike event and dropped into Airborne Flight Training with a couple of mates. It was a blast from the past for the Airborne crew, as it didn’t seem that long ago we built and prepared Neil’s Airborne Buzzard Arrow trike for his round Australia adventure. At the time Neil was a hang glider pilot and he didn’t take long to convert to trike flying. That was 1988! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Neil who had not flow a microlight since jumped in the front seat of the schools Airborne M4 with Rory Duncan and flew it around spectacular Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. He landed with a big smile on his faced so we’re guessing he has missed being in the air. Check out the story of Neil’s epic 1988 triking adventure here. 

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