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Hang glider manuals



Microlight manuals

Microlights Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH)

XT-912 Primary 22.54Mb download

XT-912 LSA 9.98Mb download Now includes the SST wing

XT-582 Primary 21.25Mb download

XT-582 LSA 6.43Mb download

Classic 1.6Mb download (95.32)

Classic 13Mb download (LSA)

Outback 1.6Mb download (95.32)

Outback 13Mb download (LSA)

Redback 1.6Mb download (95.32)

Redback 13Mb download (LSA)

T-Lite - V4 & V5 - Core 3.3Mb download

V-Lite - F2T 3.3Mb download

Illustrated Part Catalogues (IPC) and Wing manual and IPC

XT-912 Tundra   17.29Mb download

XT-912 Tourer   15.06Mb download

XT-912 Outback   13.61Mb download

XT-582 Tundra 17.29Mb download

XT-582 Tourer 17.88Mb download

XT-582 Outback 15.82Mb download

Classic   6.53Mb download

Outback   6.03 Mb download

Redback   4.71Mb download

New - SST (Strutted) Wing   8Mb download Combined maintenance manual and IPC

Streak 3/Cruze Wing   23.82Mb download Combined maintenance manual and IPC

Streak 2B and Melin Wing Maintenance Manual & IPC Issue 3.0 Apr 2010.pdf


  download Combined maintenance manual and IPC

Wizard Wing   19.05Mb download Combined maintenance manual and IPC

    Parts Interchange Tables

Trike Wing Batten Interchange Tabe A4-6712   20Kb download

Wizard Wires & Frame interchange Table   16Kb download

Streak, Cruze, Merlin Wires & Frame Interchange Table   19Kb download

Blank   20Kb download Blank

Maintenance Manuals

XT-912 Maintenance Manual   10.32Mb download

Streak 3 & Cruze Maintenance Manual and IPC   23.82Mb download

XT-582 Maintenance Manual   11.08Mb download

Streak 2B and Melin Wing Maintenance Manual & IPC Issue 3.0 Apr 2010.pdf   8Mb download

X Series Classic
Maintenance Manuals

  4.3Mb download

Rotax revised engine warranty periods from 9th July 2008

  2 stroke engines: Eighteen months or 100 hours ( whichever occours first )

4 stroke engines: Eighteen months or 200 hours ( whichever occours first )

Rotax two stroke engine breaking in procedure

  676kb download

XT Trike Asembly Instructions from Export Crate

  1.303Mb download Assembly instruction out of crate

Manuals for options accessories etc

MicroairM760Q Install and user with fault find

  1.05Mb download

GX2 Instrument Trouble Shooting Guide 36kb download GX2 Trouble shooting.pdf

Cockpit wheel spat,and cowling colour codes   606kb download Paint Colour coding for fibreglass (when painted not gellcoat)

XT Disc brakes maintenance instructions   145kb download Instructions for bleeding brakes on the XT range of trikes.

Other information

Rotax 2 stroke break in procedure


XT Series trike dimensions 391kb

X Series trike dimensions   130kb

Battery types Microlights -Supplier Battery World  

XT: Ab Part No:102131 - Century PS 12180 12V 18AH
X: Ab Part No:103167 - Century PS12120 12V 12AH
T-lite:Ab Part No:110486 - Century PS12708 12V 7AH


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