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X-Series Classic

The veteran of the Airborne microlight range

Based on the Edge X base the X-Series Classic has stood the test of time and is a proven reliable and robust aircraft. Powered by the Rotax 582-DCDI engine, the X-Series Classic offers the comfort of the fibre glass fairing, electric start and oil injection as standard features.

It’s smooth aerodynamic lines have been a winner with many of our customers over the years. The fairing offers protection from the elements, the soft sides give you a place to store baggage, and it looks stunning in any of the four available colours.

The X-Series Classic has served customers in various roles; it was used in west Africa for the elephant conservation project and also in Indonesia to help protect the endangered orangutans.

The X-Series Classic utilises the same comfortable seating as all of our models with probably the best back support available on any trike today. The X-Series Classic comes virtually fully optioned with most of the extras you would want flying cross country.

The Airborne X-Series Classic is quality built in accordance with Australian Civil Aviation Authority regulations, that’s our guarantee!

Rotax 582DCDI Engine. We have been using this engine on our microlights since the mid 80's. Over time Rotax has made some significant improvements. The latest blue head version has proven reliability and plenty of performance for our Outback and Classic trikes. Many pilot's use these models to tow hang gliders or banners, the 582 does it with ease.

This picture shows the dual Bing carbies. The fuel lines are protected with spiral wrap at points of contact.

Guages: ASI, ALT, Hr Meter, Tacho, Dual Exhaust Gas Temp, Water Temp. Standard instrumentation on the Classic. This picture also shows the Microair radio which is an optional extra. The dash also features a 12 volt power outlet, which can be used to power your GPS etc.

Now standard on the Classic, the oil injection takes away the mess of refuelling. Straight super unleaded fuel in the tank and keep the oil container shown topped up with two stroke oil, easy!

The Classic seating is just that. It provides excellent back support for the pilot. The passenger sits high (great for instructors). The passenger also has plenty of head clearance from the mast. Marine grade fabric is used on the seats to help withstand the elements. These seats still look great after many hours of flying.


* Rotax 582DCDI Engine
* Oil Injection
* E Type Gearbox - Electric Start
* Ceramic coated Exhaust
* Bolly 3 Blade Propeller
* The following Guages: ASI, ALT, Hr Meter, Tacho, Dual Exhaust Gas Temp, water Temp
* Choice of Wizard or Streak Wing (Note the Streak is availble on the Classic S)
* Cockpit, Wheel Pants, Centre Console and Soft Sides
* Steering Dampner
* Dual Steering
* Fully upholstered custom seating
* Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
* Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: Check the comparison chart and the accesories list to see what other options are available for the Classic.

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