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X-Series Redback

The latest in affordable aviation

Don’t underestimate the versatility of the X-Series Redback. Powered by a Rotax 503-DCDI engine it is a very capable two seater trike. You can add the tundra undercarriage option and have the adventures of a lifetime.

When you fly the X-Series Redback you quickly realise that you are getting a lot of fun out of a low cost package. This two seater trike offers pilots ultimate simplicity. It’s light weight allows for a higher pilot passenger weight because it has less bells and whistles than our other models.

The Wizard-3 wing has gained an exceptional reputation as an all-rounder. It has short field landing capability and is often used for towing hang gliders, archaeology study, helping to migrate birds or as a workhorse for inspecting fence or pipelines. The Wizard-3 coupled with the X-Series Redback microlight makes for an excellent aerial photography platform, as it offers the pilot and passenger less restricted views than fully faired Airborne microlights.

If your desire is cross country then the top end performance of the X-Series Redback can get you to your destination faster than most wings in it’s class. The X-Series Redback is Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved and tested to 6g positive and 3g negative under strict government control.


Rotax 503 DC, 50 HP engine with C type gearbox. This engine has overtime proven itself to be reliable and perfect for use on ultralight aircraft. With it's dual carburettors and 50 horsepower, the 503, Brolga prop and Wizard 3 wing has the capacity to lift a heavy payload with relative ease. The pullstarter on the 503 is easy to use and requires little effort.

Brolga 4 Blade Prop. We have been using these Australian made propellers for many years now. The carbon blades run smoothly and help deliver the necessary thrust that allows even the 503/Redback to aerotow banners and hang gliders.

IThe instrument layout is easy to read in flight. Standard Instruments include: Asi, Alt, Hr meter, Tacho and CHT.

The Redback has a front wheel drum brake and a park brake. The powder coating is red and black, the same as the legendary Australian spider the Redback is named after. Dual steering is fitted as standard.

The front and rear wheel suspension is simple, it works and it's easy to maintain. The 6 inch rear tyres allow for soft terrain and the undercarriage can be upgraded to the tundra option for the ultimate go anywhere trike.

Fully upholstered custom seating + Saddle bags. Seating design is slightly different in that we use a black parapac cloth however everything else is the same as the seating on the Outback and Classic, giving the pilot excellent back support and the passenger plenty of headroom. Don't underestimate the importance of back support for the pilot for those flights that last longer than 20 minutes it is a must.

» Rotax 503 DC 50 horse Power Engine
» Wizard 3 wing
» C Type Gearbox (pull start)
» Ceramic Coated Exhaust
» Bolly 3 Blade Propeller
» Instruments include: ASI, ALT, Hour Meter, Tacho, CHT
» Dual Steering
» Side Saddle Bags
» Polyethylene 44 litre fuel tank, fuel consumption approx 10-12 LPH
» Potential Range of over 220 NM
» Payload of over 200kg
» Red powder coated airframe
» Cruise at 40 - 45 KTS
» Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
» Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: The Redback configuration as listed cannot be changed.
Extra options ordered will only be supplied separately as spares.
e.g if wheel pants are required, they are purchased separately and
added later by the dealer or customer.

Optional extras

» Tundra undercarriage
» Intake silencer
» After silencer with ceramic coating
» Training bars
» Tow system

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